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Who’s Following Me Now? This incisive and slightly worrying piece from Dan Green should serve as a stark warning to anyone interested in the interconnected fields the paranormal and mysticism. Dan tells how his interest in the obscure mysteries of Rennes le Chateau led to inadvertent links with the Basque separatist movement and him being watched by the security services.

An interview with the daughter of Kenneth Arnold. Well known UFO investigator Paola Harris interviews the daughter of the man who probably, albeit inadvertently, started modern the UFO revolution and there are some fascinating insights into how it all began.

Visiting the Dark Side of The Moon –UFOs, Mediumship and The Paranormal: Magazine regular Sean Casteel takes a look at the background of modern spiritualism by considering the influence of such pioneers as the Davenport brothers and the Fox sisters. He also gives tribute to the efforts of Mr UFO, Timothy Green Beckley, and his ongoing quest to keep this frequently contentious subject in the pubic eye. Is there really a possible UFO connection? Find out here.

Aliens are Here to Save the World Another magazine regular, Mark Bennett of the Aetherius Society, presents his take on the presence of ET amongst us. Are they here, if so why and do they wish us any harm? This is the place to find out

Origins of the UFO Phenomenon. MUFON state director John Ventre looks at alternative reasons for the presence of ET’s here on the Earth and casts an experienced eye over various schools of thought. These include everything from the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) and Ancient Astronauts (AA) to demons and the Hollow Earth. It’s all here and what’s more it’s worryingly plausible too.

The Serpent and the Savior: How the darkest man on Earth fell before Jesus Christ (part 2) Bret Leuder returns with part two of his terrifying expose of ritual satanic abuse and how it might threaten the very core of our existence. Find out about the practices of Anton leVey and his notorious Church of Satan, it’s all here…be afraid, be very afraid.

I Know What I’m Not. As trailed in poetic form in last weeks edition, Richard Ritchie presents some worrying and compelling evidence that reality is absolutely not what we think it is. Once natural hallucinogens start to open the inner eye, the truth comes tumbling out…and we may not like what we see.

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