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AUGUST 2017 - ISSUE 100

Is There a Hollow Earth/JFK Assassination Connection? In this article Phenomena Magazine regular Sean Casteel presents a fascinating hypothesis that someone who funded Admiral Byrd’s early polar expeditions may have had a motive to assassinate President John F Kennedy and how is this connected to legend of The Hollow Earth. Did it? Find out here!

Alien, UFO and Paranormal Exhibition, In this article the respected UFO veteran Philip Mantle presents a nostalgic look at the unfortunate closure of a UFO exhibition in Blackpool run by David Boyle. This was a real labour of love created by another UFO enthusiast and alleged contactee, it has now closed down and is now unfortunately lost to visitors.

Debunked: The Mystery of the Dogon and Chemistry, Dr. Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D. (another contributor to the journal) brings a fascinating insight to bear into the legends surrounding the Dogon people and their supposed knowledge of the Sirius star system, plus their alleged claims relating to modern chemistry.

Encounters with ‘The Other’, This is a truly eerie contemplation from the iconic Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger examining the strange and bizarre experiences we sometimes have with ‘The Other’. This is the strange but appropriate name they give to uncanny otherworldly powers that we sometimes encounter in the most prosaic of circumstances.

King Yoga: Cosmic Religion of The Future. Subtitled ‘science and religion’ Mark Bennett, international director of the Aetherius Society, presents his thoughts on how one branch of mysticism, in this case a type of yoga devised by Dr George King, the founder of the same organisation, may provide the literal cure for all the evils in the world today, who knows maybe he’s right, find out here

Mummification: Well this is a new and unsuspected aspect of Ufology and here is MUFON state director John J Ventre to tell us of how, in some cases of apparent alien abduction, the bodies of those who were reported missing reappeared a few days later in unusual places and in a completely dehydrated and almost mummified state: strange stuff indeed.

The Serpent and the Savior: How the darkest man on Earth fell to Jesus Christ
This is part one of a rather disconcerting article from Bret Leuder and it concerns the always strangely intriguing subject of ritual satanic abuse and its affect on people who have fallen foul of it. This is not an article for those who are easily frightened or have too much imagination; the real problem is that it’s all true. Part two next month.

I Know Who I’m Not: From the ramparts of the conspiracy fortress, our conspiracy regular and outside the box thinker, Richard R. Ritchie, gives us a poetic taste, (yes, a powerful piece of verse, a genuine first for this magazine) of next months explosive article revealing how hallucinogenic drugs such as Ayahuasca may actually allow us to appreciate that reality may be much stranger than we think.

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