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JANUARY 2018 - ISSUE 105

In this issue: Timothy Green Beckley, giving part one of a fascinating overview of the life, times and thinking of the far-seeing Sci-Fi author Philip K Dick and the possibility that we might all really be living in a computer matrix, scary stuff indeed.

On similar theme, magazine regular Milton Grover presents evidence that we can and do contact alternate realities and how the anomalies of quantum physics seem to support this.

The ever-reliable John Ventre shares a surprisingly large number of significant dates from the calendar of Ufological events, including strange synchronicities involving the sorcerer Aleister Crowley, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and rocket scientist (and would-be magician) Jack Parsons.

Steve Mera looks into some of the most profound UFO encounters in the Carrington, UK area as well as strange triangular and rectangular craft seen around the world.

We then have the second of two takes on the ephemeral nature of UFO evidence from Thomas E Bullard followed by the strange tale of an encounter with a Bronze Age horseman from the late Dr. R.C.C Clay.

Finally, the veteran Ufologist Philip Mantle gives an account of that may have been a 1971 encounter in Cyprus between a British Royal Marine and a UFO.

All this as well as recent paranormal news from around the world, details of events and conferences, Book reviews, our hyperlinked video pages, community notice board, hyperlinked advertisements and much more...




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