Interested in having your Equipment reviewed and advertised in Phenomena Magazine? Then simply contact our head office and send your item to us. Phenomena Magazine regularly review associated subject related Equipment and items and feature them in our monthly issues and on our websites. Below are a number of the Items that have previously been reviewed and featured in Phenomena Magazine... The Ghost Meter:

Equipment reviews are never easy. Depending on the requirements of the individual user, an item requires to suit the needs, experience, knowledge and in this case, the necessary basic essentials of environmental monitoring. The Ghost meter is probably the cheapest EMF meter available on the UK market. But remember, just because it's cheap, doesn’t make it a worthwhile commodity. If you are serious about the subject of the paranormal then you should look at the higher priced meters available throughout the internet. This aside, for anybody with a basic knowledge of electromagnetic fields, which most people in the subject don’t, then the 'Ghost Meter' can be a useful tool. An easy to read scale offers a decent none digital readout, along with a lit area which indicates when measuring fluctuations in an EMF field. This offers a constant red flashing. A volume control gives a sound level for a warble, again activated by EMF fluctuations. Mostly of the time, I set this to off, as it annoyed me tremendously. Still for the hard of hearing, or if situated in a sealed area, this can give notification to the user. The meter itself is useful. I was able to tell if my kettle was on or off, and other obvious, noticeable EM fields. This is a good thing, to the opposite, unobvious EMF’s are virtually undetectable.

Don’t be deceived by the Ghost meter name, if ghosts exist, they do not emit EMF, nor are they likely to disrupt a known EM field. The EMF is however, likely to affect an individual directly, causing possible paranormal like effects to be reported. ‘The Ghost Meter’ offers a first step into recognising high localised EMF, and as it's cheap, offers a user friendly way of monitoring the environment, if on a strict budget, or before acquiring a superior meter to achieve enhanced results. The ghost meter may be just what the hobbying paranormal enthusiast who is on a budget has been waiting for. Continued trials of the ‘Ghost meter’ during site investigations are being carried out...

Dave Sadler : Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association.


The Ghostark Meter:

This gadget is jam packed with all your necessary detection in one simple device. A revolutionary idea with top notch technology.
Phenomena Magazine are awaiting delivery of this latest gadget, so to put it through its test... Watch this space!

Here are some of the questions we posed to the GhostArk Team...

PM: Do you offer any for of guarantee on the GhostArk?

GT: GhostArk is covered by a 12-months guarantee, which starts from the day the device is delivered to the customer.

PM: If purchased online, how long will they be required to wait until they receive the item?

GT: Pre-ordered devices will ship in the last quarter of the year. We don’t have an exact date yet, as pre-orders are still open and production time may vary according to how many devices are pre-ordered.


PM: How do they customers find out details about dispatch on the item, who to contact?

GT: Everybody who pre-orders GhostArk has access to a private customer area. Customers can monitor the status of their pre-order and send us priority support requests. The customer will be notified when his/her device is ready to dispatch and then when it has been shipped with tracking information.

PM: Do you obtain any form of instructions with the item?

GT: Yes. There will be an instruction manual as well as videos that show how the device works. Nonetheless, our aim was to create a device that is extremely simple to use for users with all levels of experience.

PM: . What is the total frequency range of the recording facility?

GT: GhostArk speakers record from 5.7Hz up to 20KHz.

PM: How long can you expect this device to work using batteries when all functions are in operation?

GT: With all functions in operation at the same time (including the backlight), the battery has an autonomy of 4 hours. With normal use it can last up to 6 hours.

PM: . Can it be powered via an electrical input?

GT: GhostArk is charged through a charging cable. At this stage, we are not yet offering a portable charging unit. In general, we recommend not to use the device when it is charging because the EMF meter may be affected (the other functions are not affected).

GT: If possible, we also wanted to add that GhostArk was developed in order to offer a device that could truly make the work of the paranormal researcher much easier - both during the investigation and afterwards, thanks to the web application that automatically analyses the data collected.

If you need other information you can find them on our press page www.ghostark.com/press.

The GhostArk Team.

So... There you have it guys. A device packed with...

Ghost Box: Choose which frequencies to listen to: AM/FM/SW. GhostArk records the other frequencies and your voice.
EVP Recorder: Use the high-sensitivity microphones to start recording at 6Hz, much below what is audible by the human ear.
Sound Trap: Use the speakers to play sound loops previously recorded with GhostArk. Play and record at the same time.
EMF Meter: Detect electromagnetic changes and read values on the screen. Be alerted through LED lights and a sound buzzer.
Temp & Pressure: Record temperature and pressure changes using shielded sensors. Read the values on the screen.
Data Analysis: Import to your PC data collected with GhostArk. Analyze it using our web application.