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Let's Talk Paranormal - TV Talk Show: with Tracie Austin. Was a show discussing topics from A-Z of the strange but true! That's exactly what this unique TV talk show was all about. Conversation and exploration of other realities that reside on and off our planet! The show aired week after week, presenting mind-stretching information and truly unforgetable guests...

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She has made guest appearances on numerous radio shows including: Unified Field Radio, Mysteries Magazine Radio, The Paranormal View, Paranormal & Beyond Radio, UFO Paranormal Radio Network, MUFON Radio, and Restricted Air Space Radio. TV show appearances include –

Beyond Belief with George Noory (Gaiam TV Colorado) and The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show (Australia).

Tracie interviews Michael Keaton on - Lets Talk Paranormal.

Tracie interviews Roger Leir on - Lets Talk Paranormal.

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Following on from her hugely sucessful 'Let's Talk Paranormal' TV series, Tracie is currently working on the development and pre production of two new shows and invites any interested parties requiring further information, to get in touch.

Contact Tracie Austin:

PO Box 751383 Las Vegas NV 89136-1383

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