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Vision OVNI UFO Magazine and organisation, Argentina announces partnership collaboration with Phenomena Magazine, UK.

We are very honoured to announce that as of today, PHENOMENA MAGAZINE will have international presence expanded in Argentina and South America, as we teamed up with Vision OVNI UFO organisation, covering variety of subjects, such as UFOlogy, cattle mutilation, abductions, and argentinean UFO cases. Distributed in 11 countries, to over 1.8 million annual subscribers, Phenomena Magazine will showcase & publish VisionOvni's researched UFO articles, cases, study from across South America. Now, the international community can truly learn about our commitment to UFOlogy, and this indeed will help us to further advance the subject of UFOlogy from South America on the international level, and create new pathways for collaboration and friendship with like minded people, organisations, establishments and publishing houses outside South America. Be prepared to learn about many Argentinean and South American UFO/Strange & Profound cases, as Vision OVNI exchange with us reports, articles, interviews with world's leading experts in the subject.

Vision OVNI's purpose is to spread the casuistry and research achieved on the UFO phenomenon, with the utmost seriousness and truth exclusively with the innumerable cases that have occurred and that occur. You can see this material in or... CLICK ON THE MAGAZINE COVER.

Most members of Vision Ovni, are members of Cefora (Commission study of the UFO phenomenon in Argentina), an organization created for the purpose of asking the Argentine government, the declassification of UFO records, held by official agencies. Both the UFO Museum, as Vision Ovni activities, have been sponsored by different agencies: cultural, tourist interest, among many others.


In 1999, a prestigious Argentine researcher Nicholas Ojeda, decides to end its investigative work over 40 years and give all their material to that organization to consider that firm would work in investigating the UFO phenomenon. Vision Ovni had the tremendous honor of being chosen for such an important mission, we are proud and fills us with responsibility. Today, our organization has more than 15 full-time researchers and supporters in more than 10 provinces, which provide information about each event UFO, allowing access to research the most incredible cases of Argentina. Our challenge aims to consolidate multidisciplinary teams that contribute knowledge and experience, with the aim of giving the great debate about the existence of the UFO phenomena. About CEFORA (Argentinean Comitee on ufo declasification) - CEFORA (Argentinean Republic Committee for UFO Phenomena Studies) is an organization formed by various ufology groups in Argentina. The main purpose is the declassification of all related UFO phenomena documents in Argentina held by the government. You can access their website at or... CLICK ON THEIR LOGO IMAGE

UFO Truth Magazine - The UKs Leading UFO Magazine

With improved technology there has never been a better time to launch an internet based UFO magazine for people that support the merits of the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). In that vein I have gathered together a number of dedicated and well respected researchers from around the world to act as regular columnists for the magazine. Many other notable ufologists have also agreed to be guest contributors to it. By having some of the best researchers from around the world involved I hope they will broaden the magazine’s international appeal. I want UFO Truth Magazine to be an ezine for all the countries of the world. UFO Truth Magazine will be dedicated to bringing you the latest UFO news and stories from around the world garnered by some of the foremost researchers in the field. UFO Truth Magazine will present the most credible evidence in a no nonsense, non sensationalistic way with science always at its core.
Gary Heseltine: Access the website at or... CLICK ON THEIR LOGO IMAGE

Manchester's Association of Paranormal Investigation & Training (MAPIT) - Est. 1974

MAPIT was first formed by David Rees in August of 1974 and was situated in Stockport UK. At that time MAPIT investigators only researched UFO incidents, hense its accronym being: Manchester's Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team at that time. David Rees was the editor of Skywatch Magazine and ran the organisation until it was taken over by Stephen Mera in 1995. In 1996, Stephen re-formed the organisation to incorporate the scientific study of anomalous phenomena. A much wider range of phenomena was to be investigated and researched. Subjects such as the paranormal and the supernatural. MAPIT became: Manchester's Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Team. In January of 2000 MAPIT went under another re-formation and changed its name to: Manchester's Association of Paranormal Investigation & Training. This change was brought about due to MAPITs work with Investigation and Training Programs as well as educational courses. MAPIT started their training courses in September of 1996 and are still currently running. The British Investigators Training Course (BITC) is the most comprehensive & recognised course of its kind in the world. MAPIT investigations take place throughout the United Kindom. MAPIT does not conduct many investigations of alleged haunted halls, stately homes or graveyards. MAPIT specialises in residential disturbances and corporate investigations. MAPIT were responsible for the creation of Phenomena Magazine as an inhouse publication in 2005.

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The Scientific Eastablishment of Parapsychology (SEP) - Est. 1995

SEP investigate claims of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) abilities and Profound Human Exprieces (PHE). Specialising in traumatic domestic partanormal disturbances, for both residential and corporate levels. SEP recognises that certain cases require specialist help. To this end a close liaison has been built up with university departments, mental health experts and other similar establishments. This help is invaluable if a proper scientific evaluation of the more complex cases are to be made. SEP decries, on the one hand, the hard line sceptics who dismiss ESP abilities often without having studied a single case and on the other hand, the fervent cultist who have used the subject as a vehicle for simplistic religious doctrines. SEP occupies the middle ground. Something 'is' happening to thousands of people the world over, which is outside the normal order of things. That 'something' must be considered objectively and investigated scientifically. SEP research programs are constantly taking place. The current programs include the following: Discussion of philosophical issues and history surveys. Analytical Research : Statistical Analysis of large databases. Case Studies: In-depth studies of personal PSI experiences. Field Investigations and comparisons of cross-cultural beliefs and practices related to PSI. Theoretical Research: Mathematical, descriptive and phenomenological models of PSI. Experimental Research : Attempting to use and produce laboratory studies of all PSI effects and Profound Human Experiences: Electrical Hypersensitivity and Altered States of Consciousness.

SEP Founder: Mr. Stephen Mera.

Zohar Entertainment Group

We are thrilled to present the first stage of the Stellar experience to the world! The past seven months have granted the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences we have ever known. We extend heartfelt thanks to our partners, collaborators, conspirators, friends and family. This has been a labor of love, but what else can you expect when crafting something wholly unique and equally extraordinary? The original idea for was to create a singular website for a company, but then something profound happened: the inspirational spark started to spread! A new language of collaboration and creativity emerged as our team began recognising our platform’s potential. This exceptionally talented group channeled the concept through their own minds and hearts, giving life to what you see before you (and everything yet to come – stay tuned!).

Even at this early inception, one can truly sense the distinct presence of many dimensions. From strong branding to unique designs, from community-minded interfaces to educational & entertainment splendors across all subject-related fields yet to be unveiled, our team breathed their essence into every aspect of this undertaking. We thank all of you, the new generation of open-minded professionalism, for journeying with us through the gates of boundless knowledge and creativity.

Zohar Entertainment Group is the home of Stellar Database, Stargate TV, Stellar University and much more. To find out more visit: or... CLICK ON THEIR LOGO IMAGE

Vision Ovni will be providing articles, information on investigations, photographs and much more within a dedicated section of Phenomena Magazine starting July 2016 and will continue to be regularly featured.

PHENOMENA MAGAZINE - A few of our Spanish Editions available to download. Simply click on the images below.