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Testing Mediums:

The SEP Procedure of conducting a scientific investigation into mediumship. The procedure below is carried out in hope of obtaining positive results and to allow the participant to continue further test procedures at a parapsychological department. Tests are carried out under controlled conditions. All procedures are documented. SEP either select an alleged medium or obtain a volunteer to be tested. SEPcan use whatever criteria they wish.

■ The medium must know they are being tested and be willing to subject themselves to the procedure outlined here.

■ The medium will agree ahead of time in writing that the procedure is fair and that they are able to conduct a successful sitting under the conditions of this procedure.

■ SEP will recruit at least three sitters, each sitter will receive a reading from the medium. The sitters will be:

■ Unknown prior to this study to either the SEP Head investigator, and the medium.

■ The sitters will be told that they are to be volunteer subjects for a study involving a psychic reading, but will not be given further details.

■ The sitters will be given a questionnaire (detailed separately) prior to the sitting for the purpose of documenting as much personal information as possible for later scoring.

■ The sitters will not be told the specific purpose of the questionnaire.

■ SEP will coach each sitter prior to the reading so that they understand they are not to give any information to the medium during the reading.

■ The SEP Head investigator will have the opportunity to meet and question each sitter just prior to the reading, but the sitters will be instructed not to divulge any personal or demographic information about themselves.

The Readings.

■ For each reading the medium will have no contact with or information about the sitter prior to the reading.

■ Each reading will last 15 minutes and will be recorded (audio and video if possible) to aid in later scoring and for objective documentation.

■ The medium is allowed to ask the sitter only yes/no questions.

■ The sitter is allowed to answer questions either “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know.” The sitter is not to divulge any specific information about themselves to the sitter.

■ If the sitter inadvertently reveals inappropriate information to the medium that will not disqualify the sitter or the reading, but that information will be considered when scoring the results. Specifically the medium will not get credit for any
“hits” that result directly from information they received from the sitter.

■ After the formal reading has concluded the medium and sitter will not interact.

■ SEP will monitor the reading to their satisfaction, but neither can interfere with the reading – they can monitor only.

The Scoring.

■ The scoring will be carried out by SEP investigators.

■ Each factual statement of the medium will be scored as either to vague to score, general, or specific.

■ Each statement will also be compared against the biographical information obtained from the questionnaire and scored as either a miss, a partial hit, a direct hit, or insufficient information to score.

■ A list of the factual statements in written form will also be produced and agreed upon by SEP and the sitter will be allowed to score each statement as either a miss, partial hit, direct hit, or not sure.

■ Hits only apply to the sitter or those known to the sitter.

■ Future predictions will also not be scored as hits.

The Results.

■ The medium will obtain their result via e-mail or postal at a later date, when all analysis has been carried out.

■ A group of SEP investigators will review the results along with the sitter and come to the conclusion that, 'Further tests are required by SEP', No further tests are required due to poor results', or Further tests are required under stricter
experimental conditions, preferably at at parapsychological department'. The latter would suggest that the medium obtained a good score.

■ If the medium requires further tests to be carried out at a parapsychological department, SEP will duplicate the case report and all other related documentation including test procedure and forward to the parapsychological department
along with contact details of the medium.

■ If a secondary SEP procedure is to take place, this should be carried out using different sitters and a different Head investigator.


SEP will consider other techniques performed by numerous parapsychologists. If you have a suggestion we would love to here from you.

SEP have to date confirmed 3 individuals have passed preliminary tests and their details / results have been sent to numerous parapsychological departments for inclusion on their test programs.

Special thanks to Dr. Steve Novella & Alex Tsakiris.