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Recognised as the leading online magazine of its kind, now distributed worldwide, 'Phenomena Magazine' is a FREE monthly publication produced by Zohar Entertainment Group & MAPIT. Phenomena Magazine looks into the whole realm of the Strange, Profound, Unknown and Unexplained, delving into Paranormal, Ufological, Cryptozoological, Parapsychological subjects and Fortean Events. Journalist Steve Mera provides his own fascinating articles and interviews along with guest writers, reviews of books, movies and documentaries add to the content as do recent news items from around the world. Phenomena Magazine can be downloaded every month for FREE in PDF Format. We do not receive any monies from production and distribution, therefore, although we cannot pay our authors, if you are Interested in writing an article for Phenomena Magazine, Zohar Entertainment Group always encourages new talent and ensures that full credit is given and they will reach a worldwide audience. We are constantly looking for future material and welcome (Subject Related) articles. Please forward any illustrations or photographs you would like to see appear with your article.

We accept the following formats: Text, Microsoft Word Doc or Docx, Microsoft Publisher Files, Adobe PDF and RTF Files. Photographs must be Jpeg, PDF or Bitmap Images.

Phenomena Magazine have advertised many Lectures, Conferences, DVDs, Equipment and Magazines and are recognised sponsors of many subject related events. We offer several services nationally and internationally.

In accordance to our protocols, personal or group promotion will not be accepted unless part of an advertising exchange. All submitted articles to Phenomena Magazine must be 'Original Work'. Phenomena Magazine is not responsible for articles that appear in the magazine which do not belong to the individuals submitting them. Phenomena Magazine does everything in its power to credit individual's work and images. If you are aware of any material featured in Phenomena Magazine that is not credited correctly, then please inform us as soon as possible. The views and opinions expressed in Phenomena Magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Zohar Entertainment Group, or MAPIT.

The newly designed Phenomena Magazine was first constructed in May of 2009. All issues of our magazine are available to download as a PDF file. Simply click on the issue to download from our 'Back Issues' page. Please note: You will require Adobe Acrobat / Reader or a PDF viewer to view our PDF versions of Phenomena Magazine'. If you do not have this, please visit the Adobe website or search for Adobe Reader (which can be downloaded and installed FREE). Each month our team attempt to bring you the latest paranormal news from around the world, interesting articles by numerous investigators and researchers in the field as well as book and DVD reviews, astronomical data, details on events and conferences and much more. If you would like to join our team of dedicated individuals, please drop us a line...

Phenomena Magazine also promotes our authors and advertises and publicises their products and services across our YouTube Channel, directing viewers to the content. This helps support our magazine and has allowed us to provide a free magazine for many years.


Phenomena Magazine: January 2024 - Issue 177

Phenomena Magazine (UK) is a FREE E-Zine available at the latter end of each month. All previous issues of our magazine are also available for FREE on our Archive page.

All this as well as recent paranormal news from around the world, details of events and conferences, book reviews, stargazer information, hyperlinked advertisements and much more...

JANUARY 2024 - ISSUE 177


Aliens and the Vatican: In this fascinating article from the Zohar archive of material, we find a strong hint that the Vatican may hold the truth about Extraterrestrial Life.

Mount Shasta - Creator of Legends: Again from the Zohar archives comes an article featuring a number of interesting tales and experiences in the location of Mount Shasta, but are they justified?
Find Out Here!

Joe Stewart's Letters from America: This month Joe looks in to the topic of 'Evil' and asks, is it just a misunderstanding?

The Shape of things to come - From Elsewhere: Outer Limits Magazine editor Chris Evers provides part of his latest book in this interesting article.

In this months edition of From The Shadows: Paul Dale Roberts delves into the mystery surrounding the ghost of outlaw Joaquin Murrieta.

The Secret of ET Thought-Forms - Tibetan Tulpa's: Diane Tessman takes a look at the bizarre life forms called 'Tulpa's'. Do they really exist?

The Reptilian Aliens: In this interesting article from the extensive archives of Zohar, we take a look at the contentious subject of Reptilian Beings. Why are they here and what exactly do they want?

The Team

  • Steve Mera: CEO & UK Chief Editor      Brian Allan: Book Reviews    
  • Dario Fernandez: Spanish Issue Chief Editor & Digital Construction (UK)   
  • Jackie Heighway: Advertising & Marketing      Ben Wilson: proofreading
  • Content Co-ordinator: Vitaly Ezra'El     Photography: Ian Gunner    Reporter: Dan Monroe - Australia     
  • Video Editor/Graphics/Reporter: Chris Turner    Video Editor/Graphics/Reporter: Jerey Denning


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