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Recognised as the leading online magazine of its kind, now distributed worldwide, 'Phenomena Magazine' is a FREE monthly publication produced by Zohar Entertainment Group. Phenomena Magazine looks into the whole realm of the Strange, Profound, Unknown and Unexplained, delving into Paranormal, Ufological, Cryptozoological, Parapsychological subjects and Fortean Events. Guest writers along with reviews of books, movies and documentaries add to the conten,t as do recent news items from around the world. Phenomena Magazine can be downloaded every month for FREE in PDF Format. We do not receive any monies from production and distribution, therefore, although we cannot pay our authors, if you are Interested in writing an article for Phenomena Magazine, Zohar Entertainment Group always encourages new talent and ensures that full credit is given and they will reach a worldwide audience. We are constantly looking for future material and welcome (Subject Related) articles. Please forward any illustrations or photographs you would like to see appear with your article.

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The newly designed Phenomena Magazine was first constructed in May of 2009. All issues of our magazine are available to download as a PDF file. Simply click on the issue to download from our 'Back Issues' page. Please note: You will require Adobe Acrobat / Reader or a PDF viewer to view our PDF versions of Phenomena Magazine'. If you do not have this, please visit the Adobe website or search for Adobe Reader (which can be downloaded and installed FREE). Each month our team attempt to bring you the latest paranormal news from around the world, interesting articles by numerous investigators and researchers in the field as well as book and DVD reviews, astronomical data, details on events and conferences and much more. If you would like to join our team of dedicated individuals, please drop us a line...

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Phenomena Magazine: August 2020 - Issue 136

Phenomena Magazine (UK) is a FREE E-Zine available at the latter end of each month. All previous issues of our magazine are also available for FREE on our Archive page.

AUGUST 2020 - ISSUE 136


In this issue: Physicists, Psychologists and Flying Saucers - Here in part 2 of his fascinating article ', Bevis Beauvais continues to reveal the implications of correspondence on Ufology between the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung and the theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli.

Death Valley and the Underground City of Shin-Au-Av. The phenomenon of mysterious underground cities is an ancient one; here Brad Stevens examines the evidence for the existence of the city of Shin-Au-Av alleged to be deep below Death Valley in the USA.

Joseph of Arimathea: The Legend of Glastonbury, Glastonbury is a place that just has to be experienced, because it is in many ways utterly unique, as are many tales of the tales attached to it. Here Brian Haughton takes a look at the claim that in the far past the uncle of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, once visited the town, allegedly bringing Jesus with him.

The Pascagoula Alien Abduction - The Law Enforcement Officers: What occurred to Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker at Pascagoula has become of the best documented touch-stones of modern Ufology and here, Philip Mantle and Douglas Wilson give an account of what the local police force made of the event.

Are UFOs The Key To Biblical Scriptures And The Second Coming? Or Is It All a Hologram? Are the descriptions of heavenly armies and angels in flight seen in the bible descriptions of the divine agents of God, or are they something quite different? Here, in Sean Casteel presents an entirely different and fascinating interpretation of what they represent.

Some Well-Known UFO Cases In this well-titled article, occasional contributor Julien E. Lacave gives an account of some of the best-documented encounters with UFOs, and all of them involved the military.

All this as well as recent paranormal news from around the world, details of events and conferences, book reviews, our hyperlinked video pages, community notice board, hyperlinked advertisements and much more...

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