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Books by Brian Allan

About the Author: Hello, my name is Brian Allan and I was born in early March 1944, which makes me a Pisces, and I have had an abiding interest in paranormal and occult phenomena in all their varied forms for as long as I can remember. Although I have experienced strange and unusual encounters from a very early age, I had initially confined my interest in the subject to a passive role involving studying the subject via books etc, and it is only in the past thirty years or so that I actually became involved in a 'hands on' basis. 

During this relatively short period of time I have been privileged to meet some genuinely fascinating and spiritual people and witness at first hand some truly wondrous sights. Many people have asked if I have ever encountered anything truly paranormal, like have I ever seen a UFO, or have I ever seen a ghost, the answer to both these questions is 'yes', I have, and in the case of ghosts more than once. In the course of my investigations, initially with Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), and latterly with Paranormal Encounters Group (PEG) a group which is co-run with my wife, Ann, I have investigated hauntings, poltergeist infestations, possessions, UFO encounters and sightings, claims of alien abduction, in fact the entire spectrum of events that take place across the psychic battlefield, and on occasion it is indeed a battlefield. In almost all of these investigations, what the people involved experienced was, to them at least, absolutely real and in no case did any of them lie about what they encountered, indeed some of them were absolutely terrified and that is understandable. Happily, in almost all of these instances I am delighted to say that at the very least we were able to bring a measure of help and relief to those affected, and fortunately were able to resolve the problems. In addition to this, while involved with these cases I have been privileged to work and associate with some of the most talented, sensitive and gifted people it is possible to meet. They are the incredibly sensitive individuals who regularly bridge the narrow divide between the normal and the paranormal; they are the mediums and psychics without whom much of what I have seen and done would not be possible. As a result of these events and encounters I have reached certain conclusions based, not on ideas derived from other people's accounts but, instead, from hard-won first hand experience. It is these experiences that have allowed me to draw some conclusions that do not meet with the approval of, what shall I call them, hard core 'enthusiasts', particularly in the field of Ufology, who can see no further than their own, narrow, blinkered paradigm. Indeed it is something of a contradiction to note that, given the very nature of the phenomenon, those who should be the most receptive to different viewpoints are frequently the most narrow minded, dogmatic and defensive. The conclusions I have reached are varied and what follows is not by any means an exhaustive list. I say this because, in my opinion it does not have to be because a powerful common thread joins almost all of the conclusions.


Let's look briefly at the UFO phenomenon; from my own experiences, and bear in mind that I have seen a 'UFO', or at least 'lights in the sky' (LITS), I do not believe that these 'machines', if that is what they are, originate in some far off star system. In my opinion what has been seen here on Earth originates right here on the planet as part of various 'black budget' military projects that were, and in some cases may still be, hidden in plain sight through a combination of disinformation, misinformation and barefaced lies. On the other hand I do accept that we may have been, and still are, visited by various beings existing in parallel realities, beings that have managed to develop a level of technology infinitely more sophisticated than ours that allows them to cross from reality to reality much as we would walk from room to room. When you think about it, most reports of UFO's in action attribute them with capabilities similar to those of supernatural entities, i.e. they seem to just flit in and out of existence. Much the same goes for their occupants too; once again they tend to follow a central basic design whose appearance has remained pretty much unchanged. Only the words used to describe them have altered over time, aliens and angels, greys and imps, reptilians and demons, there is little or no difference except in the context and era. My own interviews with people who claim to have been abducted invariably produce very similar stories suggesting that their captors display many characteristics that are also attributed the aforementioned imps and demons and in some cases ghosts too. Plus in EVERY case the 'abductee' has had powerful 'mainstream' paranormal encounters either before the abduction or, if not before, then invariably immediately after it. Conversely, people who have had 'paranormal' encounters are almost guaranteed to have experienced some kind of UFO related event, this was particularly true of both people who were involved in one of the most alarming cases of 'possession' that we had ever encountered. This particular case is recounted in detail in one of my books, 'The Barriers of Belief' pub TGS Hidden Mysteries ISBN 0-9786249-3-9

The Paranormal:
The term, 'paranormal', only means an occurrence or encounter with something that is outside what is considered to be 'normal' and by that I mean something that does not challenge or threaten anything, whether it be physical or otherwise, considered to be safe, conventional and 'normal'. This is obviously a very large field, but the term encompasses sightings of ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists, displays of psychic ability, levitation, clairvoyance, precognition, necromancy, magic, and yes, even UFO's. I deliberately include magic here because in my opinion it is a viable and workable form of technology that we simply stopped believing in. The only problem here is where to begin; perhaps I should first make clear from the outset that I fully accept the existence of an afterlife and we all attain this state whether we are religious or not; in other words religion has nothing to do with it, when we die we simply 'change state' and evolve. As far as ghosts and other associated phenomena are concerned there is good evidence to suggest that, as already stated, we do transcend the physical sate and the essence of what we are, i.e electrical information, retains its coherence and adapts to another way of existence. It is also conceivable that traumatic events are in some way literally recorded in objects and places and should the correct set of circumstances present themselves they will replay. I genuinely doubt that a Creator God exists as it is depicted by religion, although I do accept that 'something' originally set the rules governing the universe and all it contains. Man probably created God because it gave an easy answer to all the great imponderables that humanity has confronted since the very beginning of time; what we cannot explain, be it good or bad, we attribute to 'Gods work'. On the other hand as previously mentioned there is ample evidence to suggest that the universe and all in contains comply to certain mathematical ratios and principles. Is this a deliberate and premeditated act, or, is it the way it is because that is the only way it can be?

Every philosopher and scientist from Pythagoras to Sir Isaac Newton and beyond has tried to demonstrate this with varying degrees of success. In fact as Newton famously said that, 'The universe is a cryptogram set by the almighty', and he also thought that the bible contained an explanatory series of revelations, codes and ciphers and spent much of his life attempting to solve these puzzles. Science still attempts to do this, but in every case the experiments are all variants on Albert Einstein's original 'Unified Field Theory', and it is vital to realise that when they find the formula underlying this puzzle, and they eventually will, then mankind will truly be in a god-like position. In fact it might be argued that the formulae devised by theoretical physicists are the equivalent of the spells and charms spun by the necromancers of old.

I have always been interested in anomalies and enigmas, and the two that have always piqued my interest are those of 'Rennes le Chateau' and 'Rosslyn Chapel'. Through necessity I have up until now confined my 'hands on' investigations to Rosslyn Chapel and have written a book about my findings there. I believe that within this building there is a hidden portal leading to a source of Gnosis so important that it was hidden away in a 'vault' beyond the reach of man and sealed there with a subtle lock of such complexity that it requires a conscious act of belief coupled to several types of frequency to open it. Just what this Gnosis consists of I have no idea, nor if it still contains the same import, but perhaps that is beside the point so I shall continue searching for this truth and if possible one day open the door.

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Books by Steve Mera

About the Author: I first became interested in the subject of UFOs and the Paranormal at an early age and after leaving secondary school I studied at both South and North Trafford Colleges in the UK along with GEC Electrical for over 10 years and obtained a Degree in Electrical Engineering. During this time I began conducting research which lead to numerous investigations which I carried out on my own, until opening Cheshire UFO Group. In the early 90's I worked in Essex for NATO - (RAF Weatherfield) as a Telecommunications Specialist. After which I took over the running of MAPIT: (Manchester Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team) formally run by David Reese. I also joined BUFORA; (British UFO Research Association) and became a Regional Investigative Co-ordinator and Tutor.

During the mid 90's I started writing the BITC: (British Investigators Training Course) in Anomalous Phenomena which today is the most recognized subject related course of its kind internationally. I went on to complete my Pre-Degree in Psychology at South Trafford College and in early 1996 sat the 7370 Teachers Course and went onto tutor at Sale Grammar School in Cheshire, UK. I have conducted many science lectures at schools, colleges and universities around the UK. During the latter part of 1996 I reformed MAPIT and also assisted in the launch of MARA; (Merseyside Anomalies Research Association) and NUFORA; (The National UFO Research Association) and numerous other organizations. I was also a member and investigator with NARO; (Northern Anomalies Research Organisation) ran by authors Peter Hough & Jenny Randles. In 1997 I constructed and launched SEP: (The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology) situated in Manchester UK.

In 1998 I completed the BSY Parapsychology Course and in later years sat a Forensic Parapsychology Course followed by the Paranormal Investigation Course with the Unifaculty of London Institute of Forensic Parapsychology. I have assisted, presented and hosted of over 100 TV Shows and I'm a regular featured guest on international radio. I am an international lecturer and freelance journalist for a number of magazines and newspapers and has had several publications of my own.

As you may know, I am the CEO and owner of Phenomena Magazine, the world most recognized e-Zine of its kind, distributed in 12 countries and in 4 languages. I do continue to run the long standing organization MAPIT (established in 1974). I went on to complete my Psychology Degree at Manchester University in 2003. I occasionally assists UK Universities in regards information and filming opportunities and I am a consultant for PSI Applications in the U.S. I hold a number of honorable membership positions with organizations and establishments internationally and was the official spokesman for the Hammer movie - The Quiet Ones, and a nominee at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2008 for Wild X-Files. I've also acted as an official spokesman for the Fox TV series 'Outcast' and Onwinges Productions 'Travis' the movie and the UK Ambassador for 'The Other Land of the Gods documentary.

I am an executive producer of the 'Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night' BAFTA theatre London UK, The Mysterious Mummies of Peru and host of Phenomena Project.

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