The British & U.S. Investigators Training Course in Ufological Studies is recognised internationally. Other courses in production include the PITC (paranormal) and the AITC (anomalous). To register for the hard copy UK format of the UITC or for further information, please contact us at: 

To register for the hard copy U.S. format or U.S. online version of the UITC, please contact:

Please note: The UITC in the U.S. is referred to as 'The British & U.S. Investigators Reference Guide' or 'The Illustrated UFO Investigators Reference Guide'.

The British Investigators Training Courses were first constructed in 1995 and became one of the most popular courses of its kind in the United Kingdom, tutored from schools and colleges. Throughout 1998 courses were distributed to numerous organisations and groups allowing group chairmen to tutor the course to their members. In 2000 the British Investigators Training Course became correspondent due to an overwhelming amount of interest.

UITC: British & U.S. Investigators Training Course in Ufological Studies & Advanced Aerial Phenomena.                  NOW AVAILABLE: EMAIL FOR ENQUIRIES ABOVE.

PITC: British & U.S. Investigators Training Course in Paranormal Studies & Parapsychological Procedures.               CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION.

AITC: British & U.S. Investigators Training Course in Anomalous Phenomena.                                               CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION.

Our course have quickly become one of the most recognised within the subject related field. Courses are available as a hard copy, luxury glossy print book format and as an online version, (both are correspondent). Hard copy courses are sent out in full to students and their are no time limits. Students have as long as they wish to complete the course material. On completion students can request the official examination paper which will then be dispatched to them electronically.

Students have 12 months to complete their official examination paper and send it to Zohar's administration office for marking. On passing the examination, students will receive an official electronic certificate and confidential registration document. Students can then (if they wish) obtain assistance regarding research, investigation, analysis and being put in contact with local organisations. A number of international organisations and groups recognise our courses and are aware of its standards. This qualification may allow students to enter or join an organisation and immediately become an activist without the need to sit other similar courses.

Many students simply obtain our courses to help build their knowledge of certain subjects and investigation techniques. If students have any difficulties they can contact us at:


The examination paper consists of 100 questions regarding details found within the course material. Students will require 75% of their examination answers to be correct to pass, any less will result in failure. On receipt of the examination paper, Zohar administration office will provide results within 14 working days. Our course consist of 20 modules. Students should write or type out the question and then provide their answer. This can be carried out electronically. Our course can be sat by students age 16 year and upwards and need no previous knowledge. Zohar administration office do allow resitting of courses (a small additional fee will be required).

UITC Contents

The UITC course is designed to grow and includes further information for FREE to all students. There are continued modules that will be sent out to all students electronically once they have registered for the course. Such information will continue to be distributerd once new material is gathered. The UFO phenomena is an ever growing subject, therefore the study of it should also be...

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