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Vision OVNI UFO Magazine and organisation, Argentina announces partnership collaboration with Phenomena Magazine, International.

We are very honoured to announce that, PHENOMENA MAGAZINE will have international presence expanded in Argentina and South America, as we teamed up with Vision OVNI UFO organisation, covering a variety of subjects, such as UFOlogy, cattle mutilation, abductions, and Argentinean UFO cases.

Distributed in 12 countries, to over 1.8 million annual subscribers, Phenomena Magazine will showcase & publish VisionOvni's researched UFO articles, cases, study from across South America. Now, the international community can truly learn about our commitment to UFOlogy, and this indeed will help us to further advance the subject of UFOlogy from South America on an international level, and create new pathways for collaboration and friendship with like minded people, organisations, establishments and publishing houses outside South America.

Be prepared to learn about many Argentinean and South American UFO/Strange & Profound cases, as Vision OVNI exchange with us reports, articles, interviews with world's leading experts in the subject.

Vision OVNI's purpose is to distribute the research achieved on their UFO phenomena, with the utmost seriousness and truth exclusively with the innumerable cases that have occurred and continue to occur. This material is available to view at:

Most members of Vision Ovni, are members of Cefora (Commission study of the UFO phenomenon in Argentina), an organization created for the purpose of asking the Argentine government, the declassification of UFO records, held by official agencies.

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