Manchester's Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team (MAPIT) - Est. 1974
Specialists in the investigation of the Aerial Phenomena.

MAPIT was first formed by David Rees in August of 1974 and was situated in Stockport UK. MAPIT specialises on the investigation and research of UFO incidents. The founder, David Rees was the editor of Skywatch Magazine and ran the organisation until it was taken over by Stephen Mera in 1995.

MAPIT are best known for their training courses, such as the UITC - (UFO Investigators Training Course) and in the U.S. (UFO Investigators Reference Guide) which can be found in hard print and online via the MUFON Website. The (UITC) is the most comprehensive & recognised course of its kind in the world.

MAPIT are also responsible for the creation of Phenomena Magazine, initially as an in-house publication in 2005 and onto the current version of the magazine you see today.

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