Module 1:
The modern concept of UFOs, UFOs throughout the ages, Phantom Airships, Foo Fighters, Ghost Rockets, The Official Study of UFOs, UK UFO Studies, The French Connection, The Aetherius Society, UFO Perspectives, What is a UFO?, Early Sightings, Historical UFOs and modern supporting factors and Physical Evidence.

Module 2:
The Incident, Police, Libraries, The Media, UFO & Paranormal Case Priority System, Investigation Notes, Vehicle Interference, Transmission Diffraction Grating and UFO Case Conclusions - Statistics.

Module 3:
Classification, Alien Abduction, Abductees, Alien Implants, Contactee's, Men In Black, Early Encounters, Phantom Visitors, Medical Examinations, The Abductions, Interactions, Alleged UFO Occupants - Classification, Crash Retrievals, Early German Flying Disks, Operation Paperclip, UFO Sightings by Astronauts, Foo Fighters, The Interbreeding Theory, Miscellaneous Objects and Bedroom Visitations.

Module 4:
Animal Mutilations, Case Studies, Investigating, Guidelines - Investigation of Unexplained Animal Deaths, Black Helicopters, Missing Body Parts, Anomalous Biological Entities - (ABE's) Sample Collection Protocol for Unexplained Animal Deaths, Human and Cattle Mutilation - Advanced Notes, Immune System, Fright or Flight, U.S. Cattle Mutilations Chart and Other Types of Animal Mutilations.

Module 5:
What represents a UFO?, A UFO Case Study, IFOs, USOs, UAPs, USVs, UFO Classification - Close Encounter Range, UFO Classification - Distant Encounter Range, Public Relations, Psychic Ramifications, UFO Classification - Anomalous Encounter Range, Other forms of Unexplained Atmospheric Phenomena: UAP, Rare Atmospheric Phenomena: RAP, General Information, Hynek's Seven Basic Rules, Priority, Angel Hair, Source File Sheet - A Case Priority System: UFO Reports, Advice, The Present Day Ufologist, Identification, Ufological Changes, UFOs in History, UFOs, Aliens and the Future, Invisible Flying Objects, Predators - IFPs, UFO Collisions, Near Air Misses and Aircraft Damage.

Module 6:
Area 51, The Ministry of Defense Official Secrets Act - Section 2, Projects and Programs, Sign, Grudge, Blue Book, Moon Dust, Blue Fly, Saint, Gemini, Rainbow, Montauk, Project SETI - The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, Project Magnet, The Disclosure Project, The Citizen Hearing, Twinkle, Stargate, Scanate, Grill Flame, The Bermuda Triangle, The Devil's Triangle, The Great Lakes Triangle, Investigators Field Kit, Attempting to Rationalize, Possible UFO Landing Sites, Measurements and Grid Construction Plans, Radiation Detection, Soil and Plant Analysis, Elevation of Terrain Measuring, Suspected UFO Landing Hazards, Precautions, UFO Trigonometry, Basin instructions how to use specialized equipment, Traversity, The U.S. Dime Coin Rule, Helpful Identification Charts, Further Sites Investigation Techniques, Magnetic Declination and UFO Behavior.

Module 7:
The Importance of Weather Data, Environmental IFOs and Information, Fog, Mist, Rain, Types of Clouds, Other things seen in the Sky, Some Basic Information on Rockets, The Atmosphere, Natural Electrical Phenomena: NEP, Rare Atmospheric Phenomena: RAP, Unexplained Atmospheric Phenomena: UAP, Earth Light Phenomena: ELP, Environmental IFO File Card, Insects, Swarms and Birds, Fata Morgana, Transient Luminous Events: TLE, Parhelia and Atmospheric Lights.

Module 8:
The Importance of Astronomical Data, Astronomical IFOs and Information, Auto-Kinesis, Meteorological IFOs and Information, Basic Meteor Shower Chart, Meteors, Meteorites, Bolides, Technological IFOs and Information Gathering on Artificial Satellites, Laser Light Shows, Rocket Stages, Balloons, Aircraft and Behavior, Aircraft Recognition and Lighting, Marine Vessels and Lighting, Kites, Remotely Piloted Vehicles: RPVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicles: UACVs, Advanced IFO Identification Charts, Technological IFO Chart, Astronomical and Meteorological IFO Chart, Unusual Balloons, Remotely Controlled Devices and Drones.

Module 9:
Basic Astronomical Data, Misidentifications, The Planets and their Natural Satellites, The Sun, The Earth's Moon, Stars and other Astronomical Bodies, The Moons Rotation, Black Holes, Movement, Perihelion and Aphelion, Perigee, Apogee and Syzygy, Visible Stars and Planets, The Draper Catalogue, Space Anomalies and Photographs, Astronomical and Technological Apps, Astronomical Discoveries and Mysteries.

Module 10:
The Oz Factor Experience, The Umbrella of Perception, What to look for, Excess Body Electricity, Anomalous Encounters, The Religious Aspect, Electrical Stimulation, Plasma Phenomena, Hummadruzz, Laser Light Shows, UFO/ET Hypothesis, The Near Death UFO Experience, Case Study, Star Children, ET Channeling, UFOs and Aliens in the Bible, UFOs in Art, The Christmas Star, Further Astronomical Data, Strange Creatures in Association with the UFO Phenomena, The Mothman, The Bigfoot/UFO Overlap, A Lasting Phenomena, UFO Encounters and the Grangemouth UFO Photograph.

Module 11:
General Information, Investigation Techniques, Types of Active Investigations, Evaluators, Interview Techniques, Interview Problems, Location, Property or Site, Submitting Reports, Report Layout, Further Investigation Techniques, The Scientific Method, Investigators Profile, Equipment, Interviewing - Important Notes, Personal Appearance, Interviewing Tips, Interview Techniques by Phone, Continuing your Investigation, The Seven Basic Types of Witnesses, Useful Equipment, Pictures and Images, Film Photography, Moving Images - Video, Digital Camcorders, CCTV, Direct Vision Devices, Night Vision, EMF Detection, Negative Ion Detection, Electrostatic Detection, Ionising Radiation, Man Made Radiation and Other types of Cameras.

Module 12:
The UFO Propulsion Theory, The Prandtl Lifting Line Theory, The Biefeld-Brown Effect, The Magneto-hydrodynamic Drive, Ionic Wind, Electronic Teflon, Electrogravitic Propulsion, Specialized and Experimental Aircraft, What is Gravity? What is Zero G?, Turning Acceleration, Linear Acceleration, Decreased Acceleration, Uniform Acceleration, Average Velocity, Light Beam Calculations, Volume of Cylinder or Flat Wall Disc, Density of an Object, Earth's Gravity, Ellipse and Ellipsoids, Volume of Long Axis Symmetrical Ellipsoid, Cartesian Co-ordinates, The BODMAS Method.

Module 13:
What is there to Investigate?, Observational Science, Experimental Science, Theoretical Science, Mathematical Science, Simulation Science, Witnesses Perception and Calibration Experiments, Social Experiments in regards UFO Reports, Fields of Study, UFO Effects and Experiments, Radiation Meters - Geiger Counters, Radiation Measurements and Calculations, The Smart Geiger Counter for your Cell Phone, Advanced Investigation Procedures, Searching For Patterns, Radioactivity, Readings and Hazards, Characteristics of EM Effects, General Categories of EM, Further Information on IFOs, Radar Detected UFOs, Elevation Angles, Direction and Heading and Magnetic Surveys on Vehicles.

Module 14:
Report Forms, Report Form Specifications, UFO Identification and Testimony, Questionnaires, Temperature Meters, Negative Ion Meters, EMF/GMF Meters and Magnetometers, How to use a measure a resistance with an Ohmmeter and why. Other Specialized Forms, On-Site Investigation Forms, UFO, Alien Abduction and Vehicle Interference Questionnaires, Paranormal Questionnaire, Using On-Site Investigation Forms, Advanced Forms and Use, UFO Visual Identification Charts.

Module 15:
Becoming involved in the study of UFOs, Alien Abduction and Surveys, Alien Implants and Analysis, Sleep Paralysis, Theories, Temporal Lobe Lability, Out of Body Experience: OBE - OOBE, The Sleep Paralysis Experience, The Roper Poll, Real Abductions or Sleep Paralysis?, The Bristol, UK Survey, Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation, Sleep and Dream States, Measuring and Monitoring, Rapid Eye Movement, Brain Wave Cycles, Alien Abduction and Folklore, Missing People, Early Abductions and Evidence and UFO/Alien Abduction Injuries or marks on the body.

Module 16:
The theory of when 'They' came, Greeting the Universal Skeptic, Early UFO Incidents and the Amber Gamblers, UFOs in Ireland, The Deterrent, The Hessdalen Lights, Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Anomalies and UFO Incidents, Mysterious Disappearances, The Ancestry of Ufology, Changing our Perspective, The Power Beneath Our Feet, Disappearances in connection to UFOs and Alien Abduction, Alternate Reality and The Darker Side of Ufology.

Module 17:
Experimental Procedures, Visual Capture, Camera Use, What is Light?, Atmospheric Refraction, Reflection, Absorption, Auto-Kinesis, Saccade and Opti-Kinesis, Electromagnetic Energy, Measuring EMF, Wave Length and Frequency, EMFs and EM Energy, Alternating and Direct Current EMF, Natural DC EMFs, EMF and Biological Effects, Typical Background EMF Exposures, Plasma Discharges, Natural Electrical Phenomena: NEP, Earth Lights, Photography, Specialized Cameras and Equipment, Audio Capture, Using Cell Phone Apps, Magnetic Anomalies, Weather Apps, Basic Essentials, Photographic Analysis, Camera and Photographic Defects and Infra-Red Filming.

Module 18:
The Conspiracy Theory, Magnetic Anomalies, MK Ultra, Unusual Disappearances, The Confidentiality Assurance Policy: CAP, Police Encounters, Military Encounters, UFO Interceptions, UFO Incidents and Magnetic Anomalies, NASA and UFOs, STS Camera Footage, UFO Research, Space Exploration, UFOs in Space, Apollo Mission UFOs, Apollo's UFO Photographs, Rockets, UFO Descriptions by Astronauts and Fighter Pilots, Space Anomalies and the Black Knight Satellite, Star Jelly, Chemtrails, Attacking UFOs, UFOs and Aliens, What They Represent.

Module 19:
The History of Crop Circles, Crop Circles and their Authenticity, Alternative Views, Crop Circle Hoaxes, Crop Formation Designs, Microwave Radiation, Rationalising Photographic Anomalies, The BLT Research Team, Further Information, Electromagnetic and Geomagnetic Energy, EMF Hotspots, Using an EMF Meter in a Crop Formation, EMF Measurements, EMF and Altered States of Consciousness, Tree and Ice Circles, The Most Common Theories, Tips, Long Term Growth Effects, Peculiarities Associated with Alleged Genuine Crop Circles, How Fake Crop Formations are made, Equipment Failure, Laboratory Replication, Animal and Human Reactions, Light Phenomena, Bending of the Crop, The Aquifer Connection, Plant Abnormalities, Expulsion Cavities, Stunted, Malformed Seeds and Germination Effects, Other Formations and Oddities, Increased Growth Rate of Formation Seedlings an the Beer-Lambert Principle.

Module 20:
Cell Phone Apps, The Pocket Penetrometer, Diffraction Grating and UFOs, UFOs and Light, Further Information, The Para- Ufological Debate, Time Displacement, The Paranormal Aspects, The Haunting Type Attributes and the Poltergeist Infestation Type Attributes.

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