Welcome to our dedicated page, introducing Phenomena Magazine's partners. We aim to distribute and share articles, stories and photographs with other similar publications around the world, creating a network of circulated information. If you would like to be considered as one of our partners, then please get in touch with us. We look forward to sharing and assisting with others in a mutual beneficial partnership.

MAPIT was first formed by David Rees in August of 1974 and was situated in Stockport UK. MAPIT specializes on the investigation and research of UFO incidents. The founder, David Rees was the editor of Skywatch Magazine and ran the organization until it was taken over by Stephen Mera in 1995.

MAPIT are best known for their training courses, such as the UITC - (UFO Investigators Training Course) and in the U.S. (UFO Investigators Reference Guide) which was featured on the MUFON Website. The (UITC) is the most comprehensive & recognized course of its kind in the world.

MAPIT are also responsible for the creation of Phenomena Magazine, initially as an in-house publication in 2005 and onto the current version of the magazine you see today.

MAPIT Chairman: Steve Mera

The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology was established in 1996.

SEP investigate claims of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) abilities and Profound Human Experiences (PHE). Specializing in traumatic domestic paranormal disturbances, for both residential and corporate levels.

SEP recognizes that certain cases require specialist help. To this end a close liaison has been built up with university departments, mental health experts and other similar establishments. This help is invaluable if a proper scientific evaluation of the more complex cases are to be made.

SEP Founder: Steve Mera.

We are very honored to announce that, Phenomena Magazine will have international presence expanded in Argentina and South America, as we teamed up with Vision OVNI UFO organization, covering a variety of subjects, such as UFOlogy, cattle mutilation, abductions, and Argentinean UFO cases.

Distributed in 12 countries, to over 1.8 million annual subscribers, Phenomena Magazine will showcase & publish VisionOvni's researched UFO articles, cases, study from across South America. Now, the international community can truly learn about our commitment to UFOlogy, and this indeed will help us to further advance the subject of UFOlogy from South America on an international level, and create new pathways for collaboration and friendship with like minded people, organizations, establishments and publishing houses outside South America.

Be prepared to learn about many Argentinean and South American UFO/Strange & Profound cases, as Vision OVNI exchange with us reports, articles, interviews with world's leading experts in the subject.

Vision OVNI's purpose is to distribute the research achieved on their UFO phenomena, with the utmost seriousness and truth exclusively with the innumerable cases that have occurred and continue to occur. This material is available to view at:

Most members of Vision Ovni, are members of Cefora (Commission study of the UFO phenomenon in Argentina), an organization created for the purpose of asking the Argentine government, the declassification of UFO records, held by official agencies.

In 1999, a prestigious Argentine researcher Nicholas Ojeda, decided to end his investigative work after 40 years and give all his material to the CUFORA organization, so to continue important work in the investigation of the UFO phenomena.

Today, CEFORA has more than 15 full-time researchers and supporters in more than 10 provinces, which provide information on UFO incidents, allowing access to research and the most incredible cases of Argentina.

Our challenge aims to consolidate multidisciplinary teams that contribute knowledge and experience, with the aim of giving a great debate about the existence of the UFO phenomena.

CEFORA (Argentinean Comitee on UFO declassification) - CEFORA (Argentinean Republic Committee for UFO Phenomena Studies) is an organization formed by various ufology groups in Argentina. The main purpose is the declassification of all related UFO documents in Argentina held by the government.

You can access their website at:


Today, CEFORA has more than 15 full-time researchers and supporters in more than 10 provinces, which provide information on UFO incidents, allowing access to research and the most incredible cases of Argentina.



Manchester's Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team (MAPIT) - Est. 1974
Specialists in the investigation of the Aerial Phenomena.

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